Greg Peterson – Advocate for Truth: GMOs

Die Peterson Brothers wollen in Ihrem Blog zeigen, das Gentechnisch veränderte Pflanzen nicht gefährlich sind und genau so aussehen und schmecken wie „normale“.

The Peterson Farm Blog


Below is the outline for this comprehensive blog project. Please read this entire blog project in order. All comments should be posted on this page (The main GMO blog) and should only be posted after reading the entire blog project. Thanks! I appreciate all of you being here.

  1. Introduction (Please read first!!!)
  2. What are GMOs? (Fact Based)
    • Video: What do GM Crops look like? Are GM Crops “poisonous” or “toxic?”
  3. What are GMOs not? (Fact Based)
  4. Why do farmers use technologies such as GMOs and herbicides/pesticides? What are the acknowledged issues? (Fact Based)
  5. My perspective on the safety and sustainability of GMOs (Opinion based on facts)
  6. My perspective as a Christian on GMOs (Opinion based on facts)
  7. Questions and comments from readers answered
  8. Additional Resources


Hello everyone, my name is Greg Peterson and I am the oldest brother of the Peterson Farm Brothers. You might know us from…

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